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The final stage of every production is mastering, in which the sound is polished and fine-tuned to ensure optimal playback across all listening environments, such as car stereos or nightclubs. I will carefully oversee this process to ensure that your production is ready for release once it is completed.

From the planning phase to the final master, I provide a comprehensive service that covers all aspects of your project: We work closely together with you to determine the necessary steps to achieve the sound you are looking for. This ensures that planning, recording, mixing and mastering all seamlessly integrate to deliver the best possible result.

The mixing stage is where your sound comes to life. In live-mixing-sessions, we tailor your sound to suit your vision. Throughout the process, I will meticulously refine and harmonize all elements, paying attention to even the smallest details to create a professional and distinctive mix that truly represents your vision. 




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About me

Philipp Teichert

My ultimate goal is to make your music sound as good as possible. I take great pride in my studio work, and I believe that every recording should be a unique and special representation of the artist's vision.

To achieve this, I work closely with each of my clients to ensure that the recording process is tailored to their specific needs and preferences. Whether you're looking for a particular sound or simply want to capture the essence of your performance, I will be there to plan, guide and execute every step of the process.

I love to use use high-quality analog gear to give your recording a unique character.

Contact me today to schedule an appointment, and together we will assess your goals and agenda to create an individualized plan that fits your unique needs and preferences. I look forward to working with you and helping you bring your musical dreams to life.

I want to make your music sound great!

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